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The IFSO-EC webinar from Maastricht!

Our last webinar was streamed directly from the Zoom Forward Congress in Maastricht

On 4th of May, 2022 another IFSO-EC webinar entitled ARE YOU E-READY? took place.

We had a very actual topic and amazing speakers!

Dr. Juan Pujol Rafols started with E- health and bariatric: the perfect dance partners 

Dr. Vincenzo Bruni, Dr. Maira Kurian and Dr. Thierry Lafullarde  shared their experince with  Digital platforms to track and improve the outcomes of your bariatric patients and how to implement them in your practice

Dr. Simon Nienhuijs continued with his Sensors, wearables, artificial intelligence…What does digital technology offer for patient´s monitoring? 

Dr. Nora Müller finished with A glimpse of the future,  Digital health as an integral part of obesity treatement

Chaired by president of the Zoom Forward Congress Dr. Ronald Liam and chair of the IFSO-EC Communication and Development Committee Dr. Juan Pujol Rafols.