IFSO-EC European Training Courses Project

Welcome to the IFSO-EC European Training Courses Project!

One of the main priorities of the European Chapter of IFSO is to promote all activities related to bariatric and metabolic surgery (BMS) that take place in Europe or that may be of interest to our members and facilitate the training of professionals in BMS.

We have started a campaign in search of fellowships offers or training courses that you may be organizing (both face-to-face and online) and that you would like to be promoted by IFSO-EC.
Courses that offer scholarships or training courses at a reduced fee for IFSO-EC members will be highly welcomed (although this is not mandatory).

The application will be reviewed by a group of experts and, if approved, IFSO-EC will make it known to our members and contacts.

If this is your case, please fill in the information about the course or the offered scholarship bellow.

Together we will make Europe a reference hub in the training of specialists in bariatric and metabolic surgery.

Cordially yours,

Jean-Marc Chevallier
IFSO-EC President


Training Courses

Gastric bypass

Name of the organizar: Guarant International
Date: 20.1. – 25.1.2023
Venue: Congress hotel Prague
Web: www.gastricprague.cz

Sleeve gastrectomy

Name of the organizar: University of Vienna
Date: 12. – 17.6. 2023
Venue: Clarion Conres Hotel Vienna
Web: www.sleeveaustria.com

Would you like to promote your course?