Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts is an open-access online-only journal for obesity research and therapy. The journal is peer-reviewed and covers all aspects of obesity, in particular surgery, epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis, treatment, and the prevention of adiposity. As obesity is related to many disease processes, the multidisciplinary journal is dedicated to all topics pertaining to comorbidity and covers psychological and sociocultural aspects as well as influences of nutrition and exercise on body weight.

Its target audience therefore includes physicians (internal medicine, bariatric surgery, gastroenterology, endocrinology, etc.) but also other health care professionals (dieticians, nutritionists, ecotrophologists, public health researchers, and others). In addition, physicians, researchers, and professionals from associated fields such as biology, sociology, psychology and psychiatry will find Obesity Facts an excellent source for cutting-edge contributions to obesity research.

The current Impact Factor of Obesity Facts is 2.4 (2015)

Obesity Surgery

Official journal

Obesity Surgery is the official journal of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders (IFSO). A journal for bariatric/metabolic surgeons, Obesity Surgery provides an international, interdisciplinary forum for communicating the latest research, surgical and laparoscopic techniques, for treatment of massive obesity and metabolic disorders. Topics covered include original research, clinical reports, current status, guidelines, historical notes, invited commentaries, letters to the editor, medicolegal issues, meeting abstracts, modern surgery/technical innovations, new concepts, reviews, scholarly presentations and opinions.

Obesity Surgery benefits surgeons performing obesity/metabolic surgery, general surgeons and surgical residents, endoscopists, anesthetists, support staff, nurses, dietitians, psychiatrists, psychologists, plastic surgeons, internists including endocrinologists and diabetologists, nutritional scientists, and those dealing with eating disorders.

Bariatric News

Bariatric News publishes reports on research, technology, events and policy in the bariatric specialty. The magazine reports on the latest clinical studies, policy changes, and product news, announce new annual meetings and events, interview prominent bariatric experts, and host debates between specialists on controversial topics. Bariatric News is also published as a newspaper, issued four times a year and delivered free around the world to subscribers.